Sunday, October 18, 2015

Midwest Blogger Meet-Up 2015...and a GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Midwest Blogger Meet-Up!  I had a blast meeting up with other teachers and bloggers from around the Midwest!  Not only was it a great networking and learning opportunity, there were some amazing door prizes, giveaways and we all exchanged 3 of our "favorite things!"

Keep reading until the very end...because I've got some GIVEAWAYS to share!  The first one will be posted right at the end of this blog post!!

When we arrived at the coffee shop, we were greeted by some cute name-tags and the lovely Jameson from Lessons with Coffee and Lindsay from Miss Johnston's Journey.  

We made these fun glyphs that we would later use to introduce ourselves to the group!  As you can see, I'm a 1st - 3rd grade teacher with 23 students in my class.  I've taught for 4+ years and sell on TPT.  I am a blogger from Minnesota.

I loved this idea and think a fun twist on this would make an excellent Christmas gift for my students to make for their parents!  I'll get working on it and post it to my blog when I'm finished!

We had a couple of great presentations by EduCents and Adopt A Classroom.  I can't wait to create an account on both sites and get to work!

After the presentations and introductions, we drew names to pick out of the "Favorite Things" tables.  Each of us brought 3 of our favorite things to share with the other bloggers.  I brought (3) Caribou gift cards!  I am so excited about what I received!!  Check it out below!

Jameson from Lessons with Coffee made the adorable mug with Jameson, Bailey's and coffee!  I also got a fabulous Sharpie pen, post-its, gum and a notepad from a fellow blogger.  My final "favorite" was the Target gift card - which will definitely come in handy!

A little bit later we drew names for some fantastic door prizes that were donated to the Meet-Up!  I was lucky enough to win the (2) sets of planet play-sets that were donated by EduCents!

I'm super excited about this cute t-shirt that I got today!  #PeanutButterAndJealous from Meg's New Box of Crayons

Now it's time to check out all of the SWEET SWAG I received today as well as the SWEET SWAG I have to GIVEAWAY!!  Don't forget to enter the Raffle-Copter at the bottom of this Blog Post!

No Coast = Best Coast T-Shirt by A+ Images

To the world you may just be a teacher; but to your students you are a HERO! T-shirt by Educents

First Grade Common Core Morning Work for November by Diary of A Grumpy Teacher

Mustache Notepaper by Creative Teaching Press

Eagle in the Sky - An Interactive Adventure by 

Go Noodle Lanyard and Stickers

Sit Spot Sample

I have the Teacher Planner and it's my FAVORITE!!

Lots of goodies from Creative Teaching Press!!

Now it's your turn to win some fabulous SWAG!!!
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  1. Oooh! You got some fun swag! I love the idea of the glyph at Christmas!! :)